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Eusoph Yoshau

Propertyer is a real estate company and a gateway to long-term private investment opportunities.

We were set up with a clear mission: to be the leading project management and real estate company in Maldives.

With its headquarter located in M-Ihaali 3A – Majedheemagu, Male’, Republic of Maldives, Propertyer draws on in-depth local knowledge and networks to identify and source promising investments in renting, construction, and reconstruction of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

In the process of active development, our values, fidelity to business and innovative approach have made our companies strong and successful. It became possible thanks to our employee’s high qualification and creative beginning.

Our Services

Project Management

From concept to completion. Propertyer offers the full spectrum of project management and owners representative services.

We handle project finance and all strategic negotiations to ensure you achieves your goals with smart savings and exceeds output.


Propertyer always endeavor to lay emphasis on quality of service at the lowest cost possible. We provide short- and long term rent for all categories of properties.


Investing in residential, commercial properties at Propertyer make you generate sustainable income in devise and enable you to have a close very control to your wealth. We provide equity finance for local household.


Our mission starts with our clients’ project roadmap from data gathering to development and implementation, which emphasizes satisfying their technical and financial needs successfully with our partners’ know-how, technical capacity, and financial requirements.

At Propertyer, we believe that customers across all business segments can only be better served through:

Time and money-saving;

Reliable guidance and advice; and

Wide choice of products and service that meets their financial needs.


Our Vision is to enhance current products and services and influence future growth and development of our clients and partners, while implementing sustainable programs and strategies that improve access locally and internationally to invest, opportunities and high standard of living for everyone and at the lowest cost possible.

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Eusoph Yoshau

Eusoph Eushau

ECO - Maldives

Eusoph Yoshau

Mohamed Naseer

COO - Maldives

Eusoph Yoshau

Bassem Elmeligy

Representative - Middle East

Eusoph Yoshau

Lucija Repnik

Representative - Central Europe

Eusoph Yoshau

Anna Shariy

Representative - Russia